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Are you looking for a cosplay suit? This kimono is the perfect model!

Originally, the Japanese kimono was not a suit. It was the official garment of formal ceremonies (graduation, shinto wedding, tea ceremony...). It was worn by the nobles of high society and the samurai warriors. Over time, this traditional dress has become democratized. Its casual version is called a yukata.

The material of this Japanese yukata is made of thin cotton. It is worn in a casual style, usually as spring or summer approaches. This Japanese costume has slimline vertical patterns to refine your silhouette. You can bet on this blue color with your eyes closed: it is both elegant and timeless.

  • Fabric Material: Lightweight Cotton
  • The fabric is soft, fresh and comfortable to wear
  • The length of the kimono is more or less than 67 inch depending on the size
  • The kimono cut is straight and long with very wide 3/4 sleeves
  • Japanese ribbed pattern is inspired by Wagara symbols

Here are our best fashion tips to refine your Japanese samurai outfit...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 To choose this cosplay kimono : two options. Choose size M if you weigh less than 80 kg (length 136 cm). Choose size L if you weigh more than 80 kg (length 142 cm).

💯 If you need to go to a party with friends or a festive disguised event, we recommend wearing this cosplay costume. Adds a pair of wooden sandals (zori or geta). Close this period garment with a wide obi belt. You can even add a collapsible fan as an accessory.

💯 For a similar Japanese model even more discreet, try the blue kimono with thin stripes . It will be perfect for a Japanese lunch or a dressed evening.

💯 Japanese tradition is that kimono for men (and for women) always closes in the same direction: the left side over the right. Why? Because the reverse is reserved for traditional Japanese mortuary clothing.

💯 Discover all our samurai clothing in the Japanese kimono men collection. You will be conquered by our sober, colorful, patterned, casual, sportswear, classic, traditional, authentic models... Paradise for lovers of Japan!

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