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Geta San

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Take advantage of the elegance of these geta san to complete your Japanese outfit

If you are looking for comfortable and practical shoes, do not hesitate to get these Japanese sandals . They are lightweight and sturdy. You will be able to wear them daily without difficulty.

They have wooden soles , raised by two ha (teeth) to preserve the bottom of the kimono from dirt, dust or rain. They also promote good back posture.

A few tips to follow to adopt a look worthy of the Geisha and Samurai of the Edo era...

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💯 Wear these gorgeous sandals with a traditional Japanese kimono or a Japanese haori jacket during a summer matsuri.

💯 For a good foot support, do not hesitate to pull the hanao (straps) to adjust these wooden sandals .

💯 The style effect comes from the assortment of the colors of the kimono belt with the straps of the sandals.

💯 We created a collection of Japanese Geta . You can take a look at it to find the pair that's missing in your Japanese wardrobe.


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