Geta Anata
Geta Anata

Geta Anata

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Adopts more modern Japanese style with these geta anata foot sandals

This pair of Japanese sandals is part of Japanese culture. They are both practical and comfortable to wear. They are made of black lacquered wood with black fabric straps to fit easily between the toes.

They are worn with a traditional Japanese kimono, but also with a more modern Harajuku style outfit or Western clothing. These Japanese shoes are mostly intended for everyday use.

Our tips to have a modern Japanese look with these Geta Anata...

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💯 Japanese geta should be smaller than the foot size. Heels protrude 1 cm from the soles even with tabi socks. This will allow you to regain your balance naturally.

💯 These are Japanese sizes, so choose one size above your usual size...

💯 Do not hesitate to match the colour of the straps with the rest of your clothes for a more stylish effect.

💯 To be able to put on wooden sandals properly, consider using the straps to adjust them to size. So you could wear them more comfortably.

💯 Think about taking a look at our collection of Japanese Geta . You will find a wide choice of colors and models to match with your outfit.

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