Geta Tabi Shogun

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Complete your geisha apprentice outfit with these geta tabi shogun sandals

If you want to adopt an authentic geisha look , you'll need these sandals a little special. These traditional wooden sandals stand out from classic flip flops.

The soles are made with a single block of varnished wood so that you can be high enough to avoid damaging your kimono.

This pair of wooden shoes is very light. The soles are hollowed out for greater comfort when you walk. The straps are made of thick fabrics to ensure the good hold of the shoes. A rubber coating is also installed under the soles to prevent slipping.

Here are some tips to help you adopt a perfect Maiko look with these...

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💯 We recommend that you make a color reminder between the hanao straps of wooden shoes and the rest of your Japanese clothes ...

💯 For the size, consider ordering pairs of Japanese flip flops larger than your usual size.

💯 Use the straps to adjust the wooden sandals to your waist. This allows you to have a good hold when you're on the move.

💯 Our collection of Japanese Geta Sandals is at your disposal if you are looking for a beautiful pair suitable for a traditional geisha style or a modern look of Harajuku district in Tokyo...

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