Hanten Nami

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Buying this Hanten coat will warm you up while giving you a nice refined Japanese style

Worn for several hundred years by the Japanese, the Hanten coat was put on over a traditional kimono or a more casual yukata. Unlike some Japanese outfits, Hanten is not reserved for an affluent social category.

It is sewn with a quilted cotton inner lining. This one is ideal for keeping warm while being breathable and comfortable to wear. The Hanten jacket has the particularity of having a wide strip of black fabric sewn at the level of the V-neck for a sophisticated result.

This gray Japanese coat features nami patterns. These are waves that symbolize the gods of the seas. These prints were also found on the banners and armor of Sengoku era fighters.

  • Design : Nami
  • Fit : short for men
  • Material : cotton
  • Length : 80 cm/31.5 inch (available in sizes M and L)
  • Machine wash at 30° maximum and dry on a hanger


💯 This Japanese jacket will go just as well with a Japanese outfit as with a Western outfit. You can quite associate it with a patterned garment or, on the contrary, a solid color suit.

💯 If you want to wear a streetwear style, we recommend that you opt for an oversize mood. Our advice: wear skinny jeans, a loose T-shirt and a hoodie. Add a pair of sneakers to match the Japanese Hanten and you're done!

💯 Adopt this Japanese garment to participate in a matsuri festival, go to a dinner with friends or go for a walk with the family. This model is halfway between traditional and western attire.

💯 To find all our products and opt for the Japanese coat of your choice, we invite you to go to our collection Hanten . Here you will find a wide selection of jackets and coats inspired by Japanese clothing culture.

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