The haori is a Japanese jacket worn over a kimono. It was a Japanese cothing reserved for the elite samurai. This ancient garment was also worn by geisha who wanted to have a distinguished style. Nowadays, it's also an Harajuku fashion style!

Wear it during summer or at home with or without a jinbei clothing (Japanese pajama)

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The haori is a Japanese jacket traditionally worn over a kimono. It was a Japanese jacket reserved for the elite samurai. This ancient garment was also worn by geisha who wanted to have a distinguished style.

Today, this Japanese outfit is worn as a light coat! At KimuraKami Japanese shop, we especially like to have one to participate to a festival, picnic or to go to the beach! It is a light and flowing jacket to own in a dressing room, wardrobe or men's wardrobe!

How to wear a men's kimono jacket

The fabric of our men's Japanese jackets is light with a straight cut so that they can be worn by all body types and shapes. We offer you within this collection for men and women, several types of materials: satin, viscose, linen, polyester, cotton and synthetic. The styles are also different according to the models with short sleeve jackets or long sleeves.

To have a pure style with a Japanese haori, there are several little rules you can follow. We help you in this tuto to choose the best timeless jacket ever.

Keep your men's kimono jacket open to give a loose style to your Japanese outfit. If the printed symbol of your jacket is important, wear it with a round neck t-shirt and a solid color, light or dark!

 To wear this Japanese jacket with a Japanese streetwear and sportswear style, put it over a hoodie or a Japanese sweater with a fine knit. Don't hesitate to wear your Japanese clothes in oversized cut for a hip-hop style. The streetwear haori jacket is all the rage among fans of the Harajuku style.

However, if you want a more traditional outfit mindful of Japanese authenticity, we recommend our collection of Japanese kimono men.

For a samurai look you can also add a pair of Japanese Tabi socks and wooden sandals. 

How to have a Japanese style?

To adopt a Japanese style worthy of the Harajuku district, you should not hesitate to mix styles but you should also know the meaning of the patterns printed on the fabric of these men's clothes!

Here below are the meanings of the most iconic Japanese symbols: 

  • Hannya kimono: this is a demon of vengeance that is very popular within Japanese culture. This oni demon is also represented in the world of arts like theater and Shinto ceremonial dances. Hannya's design is also featured in the traditional tattoo art called Irezumi
  • Oni kimono: Oni are Japanese demons. They are often red with horns and sharp teeth. This is the equivalent of our French ogres! An Oni kimono for men is a way to express resentments like passion, revenge and even destructive love!
  • Dragon kimono: the dragon symbol on a men's clothing is a sign of wisdom and power
  • Kimono Carp: like the Maneki neko (Japanese cat), the carp is often used for the depth of its meaning. This Japanese fish is known throughout the land of the rising sun for its courage and strength. Members of Yakuza clans proudly wear it as a tattoo on a part of their body
  • Tsuru kimono: the Japanese crane is a legendary bird in Japanese mythology. The printed pattern of the Tsuru represents longevity and peace
  • Sakura Kimono: the Sakura pattern is mixed with any kind of color or symbol. We celebrate during the summer festival of Hanami, the beauty of these small white flowers

When to wear a men's haori?

The traditional men's haori is worn in Japan in two ways. The first is in a formal way.

It is worn over a kimono during a wedding, during the tea ceremony or for any type of formal event. We then advise you to choose a black Japanese jacket and devoid of pattern for a sober, dark, clean and Wabi Sabi style. The Japanese add only on the front of the jacket an embroidery with the effigy of their family.

The second way to wear the Japanese haori jacket is of informal nature and in everyday life. It should be noted that wearing a formal kimono is subject to a certain number of codes and rules. Fashion has thus appropriated the kimono garment to mix it with our Western clothes.

Here are the different times we recommend you wear it for a casual style.

For a dressy outfit at a party, put on a printed jacket with a sober pattern. Favor a mid-length haori without tying it with a Japanese obi belt.

The Japanese haori jacket is soft to the touch so you can put it on when you get out of the shower. A Japanese tradition is to wear a yukata kimono after enjoying the heat of public baths (onsen). Japanese jackets are just as comfortable as Yukata clothes. In this case we recommend a long jacket to cover more of your body!

Wear a modern haori to work. You can afford more craziness on Fridays in honor of Friday wear so opt for a colorful and casual kawaii style.

Any occasion is good to don this timeless jacket. It can be worn during the mid-season but also during the winter. It will really depend on your style choice! For a Japanese casual outfit, the last tip we can give you is to wear it with raw jeans, blue jeans or even skinny jeans with this type of outfit!

We have seen the three main categories of best tips for wearing a men's kimono jacket so now we wish you a good shopping on our Japanese online store!

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