Japanese print dog
Japanese print dog
Japanese print dog

Japanese print dog

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Rely on this Japanese print whose dog symbolizes joy and playfulness!

The Japanese print is a woodcut whose themes are very varied. Originally, prints symbolized images of the floating world (ukiyo-e). An imaginary world of sadness and bitterness. Then they evolved and today represent varied themes around lifestyle.

To make a stamp, it is necessary to call on four different specialists. A draughtsman, an engraver, a printer and an editor. Numerous artists succeeded one another between 1600 and 1960, proof of the timelessness of Japanese engraving .

The illustration depicts a dog that, in the Land of the Rising Sun, symbolizes the Asian raccoon. He is known to be particularly cheerful and mischievous. The flowers drawn at the bottom of the Japanese painting are peonies. They symbolize courage and honor because their stalks never sag.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The design is made on a 100% cotton canvas called canvas
  • The wall canvas is rolled up in a tube package for easy delivery

Here are our suggestions for harmonious interior design:

💯 We advise you to take measurements of the future location of the Japanese print in order to choose the right size among the 3 available.

💯 Although we do not ship a frame with this Japanese artwork , there is nothing stopping you from buying one to give it a traditional style.

💯 Treat yourself to the lightweight and easy to handle canvas . It can be hung on and off very simply.

💯 Thanks to its cotton material, the decorative canvas retains the authenticity and strength of the colors. It allows you to obtain a matte result, without reflection or shine.

💯 Discover even more wall decorations in the Japanese print collection: you will find samurai portraits and geishas or even breathtaking landscapes.


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