Kanagawa Japanese Print
Kanagawa Japanese Print
Kanagawa Japanese Print

Kanagawa Japanese Print

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Escape with this representation of a Japanese print, symbol of the Great Wave of Kanagawa

The Great Wave of Kanagawa is the best known work of Hokusai, a well-known and recognized Japanese cartoonist. The artist designed this work with in mind a place of retreat, pilgrimage and rest of the spirit. Mount Fuji volcano is drawn at the bottom to create a perspective with the wave.

Japanese printmaking originated in the 1600s and has always been inspired by the Buddhist and spiritual way of life. It is a woodcut that symbolizes themes dear to Japan: geishas, samurai, sumo wrestlers but also calendars and landscapes such as the Great Wave of Kanagawa or Mount Fuji.

This decorative canvas depicts an excessively large cat facing the Great Wave and Mount Fuji. In Japan, the cat symbolizes luck and represents a good luck charm announcing good fortune. This painting is part of a triptych representing the same cat in different situations.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The painting is done on a 100% cotton canvas
  • The Japanese canvas is transported in a tube for a hassle-free delivery

Here are some ideas to highlight this pretty Japanese decoration:

💯 Before ordering this wall art , we advise you to think about where you will place it. You can then choose from 3 available formats.

💯 The frame does not come with the Japanese board but if you want to add a touch of traditionalism, we recommend you put one on.

💯 Opt for the light version of the Japanese print. Cotton canvas is ideal because it is much more manageable than a period engraving.

💯 Cotton is an ideal material that retains paint and offers a great depth of color. Thus, canvas canvas has the advantage of offering a matte result without reflection or shine.

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