Japanese Geisha Print
Japanese Geisha Print
Japanese Geisha Print

Japanese Geisha Print

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This Japanese print is on sale for your greatest pleasure, you, the lover of the Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese print is a woodcut made using a technique called xylography. It appeared in Japan during the Edo period, between 1603 and 1868. Initially inspired by the ukiyo-e (image of the floating world), it represented themes from the Buddhist religion.

During the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Yoshiwara district saw the birth of pleasure establishments such as brothels and kabuki theaters. The art of printmaking then turned away from themes related to sadness and turned to inspirations close to pleasure.

This pictorial reproduction represents two geishas. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the Geisha is a young artist who was introduced to the codes of presentation at an early age. Not to be confused with a courtesan. On this board, one of the two points to something. You can see a feeling of anger on his face. The second one looks at the same thing carefully. This canvas is part of a triptych of 3 paintings.

  • The package consists of a Japanese print replica
  • The work is painted on a 100% cotton canvas
  • Japanese canvas is packed in a tube for easy transport

Find our suggestions for a successful interior design:

💯 Before ordering, we recommend that you measure the dimensions of your chosen location before opting for this wall mural in one of the three sizes available.

💯 We do not ship frames with Japanese artwork . On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of traditionalism, it is advisable to add one.

💯 This decorative canvas is lighter and more manageable than a traditional print with a wooden support. You can easily change location according to your desires.

💯 The cotton canvas allows you to highlight the depth of the colors and avoid a shiny effect thanks to its matte finish.

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