In Japan, traditional masks are popular for a lot of reasons (manga, matsuri, shinto religion, samurai etc...). Moreover, for Asian people, wearing a sanitary mask is part of everyday life. The mouth mask has been popular since the 2000s.

But it has actually been present in Japan for a long time. It seems that the pollution mask appeared in Japan after the Spanish pandemic between 1918 and 1919.

Nowadays, mouth mask combine style, trend and sanitaray purposes.

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Japanese people have many reasons to wear a Surgical mask. We will explain now the

6 reasons why Japanese people wear a mask?

  1. Japanese wear mask for health protection

  2. Japanese wear mask for covering up

  3. Japanese wear mask for fashion effect 

  4. Japanese wear mask to preserve anonymity

  5. Japanese wear mask against social anxiety

  6. Japanese wear mask because of there culture

And the first reason is of course for health 

Japanese wear a mask for health protection 

moving mouth maskMoving mouth mask

The trauma of the pandemic was on everyone's mind when a new flu epidemic resurfaced in 1934. The sanitary mask at the time was based on the model of factory masks, which protect against dust, particles, viruses and bacteria.

Japanese Antibacterial mask is worn everywhere: on public transport, at school, at the office, and with friends in order to prevent the risk of getting sick... The Japanese wear them when they are sick, to avoid transmitting their disease, but also when they are not sick, as a prevention measure. Are they really effective? Against viruses, studies seem to be leaning towards the affirmative. Correctly used, the mask reduces the risk of catching the flu by 80%.

On the other hand, contrary to appearances, these Japanese face masks are almost ineffective against air pollution. The vast majority of models sold are not designed to protect yourself against fine particles. It means you can infectious and sick. And the few models that do have appropriate filters are actually not very effective against high-risk fine particles or other forms of pollution.

Japanese wear a mask for covering up 

japanese mouth mask amazonJapanese mouth mask amazon

Japanese women who wear make-up are under a lot of pressure from social norms. They cover their faces (mouth and nose) when they put some make-up or when they don't have time to do so. This may surprise us, but the Japanese pressure is real. Advertising for make-up is omnipresent in the land of the rising sun and many cosmetic brands broadcast very guilt-ridden videos on public transport in the morning. On the screens of major metro lines, clips explain to women how to apply make-up and take care of their beauty.

Japanese wear a mask for fashion effect

Nowadays, the Japanese mouth mask can also be colored and Kawaii fashion influences Japanese culture. If you travel to Japan and go to Harajuku street in Japan. You will see a real fashion show. Japanese girls wear mouth masks because it is a good Japanese fashion accessory. Japanese girls wear a Harajuku mask with streetwear or Harajuku clothes.

Japanese wear a mask to preserve anonymity

pollution-mask-japaneseKyary Pamyu Pamyu with a pollution mask Japanese

Preserving one's anonymity is also a good reason for many Japanese people. Cameras are omnipresent in Japan. The Japanese are very careful about their image right. Japanese idols in particular have to be careful, as it is not uncommon for the police, but also detectives, to take photographs discreetly and then research the activists. Demonstrating can thus ruin a person's career, as some Japanese companies may take a dim view of their employees' commitment.

Japanese wear a mask against social anxiety

Wearing masks is a convenient way to limit interactions with others. The mask allows people to avoid smiling, to cut short conversations, and to mask their true emotions. In a culture that encourages self-mastery and absolute control of one's emotions, the white mask offers respite. The muscles of the face relax and, for the duration of a day, you let yourself be yourself behind the physical barrier of the textile. 

Japanese wear a mask because of their culture

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The Japanese traditional kitsune mask is the most popular mask in Japan. Japanese people wear mask during Matsuri festivals. These are traditional ceremonies to celebrate the Japanese gods: the kami.

The kitsune are the messengers of Inari: the goddess of rice. She is the most appreciated Japanese goddess in the land of the rising sun. There are many Japanese shrines with her effigy! In Japanese legends, the fox demon has magical powers. He can change his shape, he can take on the appearance of humans, he can also create illusions. If you want more details, we explain its whole history in our article about the Kitsune demon. In the manga Naruto, the ninja wear Anbu mask. It's a Japanese fox mask. Japanese Ninja wear a mask to hide their secret identity.

Japanese oni mask

During the Edo period, Japanese warriors wore a samurai mask to protect themselves on the battlefield. The mask represented an Oni demon. Japanese fighters wanted to scare their enemies when they were fighting. This Japanese half mask is called a Mempo. The helmet was called a Kabuto. 

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