Buddhist Necklace

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Opt for this lucky Buddhist necklace, it will bring you luck wherever you go!

This Japanese pendant with the effigy of the Buddhist god will bring you happiness, protection and prosperity. If you have the opportunity to travel to the islands of the archipelago, we recommend visiting the temples. You will be able to discover the Daruma, a statuette that gives the wishes.

Made of 99% pure silver , this lucky necklace is a guarantee of quality. 990 sterling silver does not rust. You can keep it around your neck without taking the risk that it will deteriorate. Don't hesitate anymore and try it!

  • Pendant size : 30 x 45 mm
  • Composition : 990 silver
  • Chain length : 50 cm

Find our tips below to maintain and maintain your Buddhist necklace :


⛩️ You can wear your Japanese necklace and put it in contact with water, it will not damage. However, be careful not to spray perfume on it, you will then be able to keep it for many years!

⛩️ To maintain the shine and shine of your Japanese jewellery, we advise you to clean it once a month by immersing it in a bowl with olive oil and lemon. Then think to rinse and dry it with a micro fibre cloth


⛩️ Adopt the complete set by setting your focus on our Buddhist ring : it symbolizes the inner journey and purity of the soul

⛩️ To wear your long necklace in 990 silver , you can bet on a traditional Japanese outfit, a streetwear look or even a simple outfit (white, black and jeans especially bring out the precious silver metal)

⛩️ Find all our Japanese jewellery in a collection inspired by Japanese folklore : lotus flower, oni demon, Buddhist god, Japanese dragon, sakura... You will necessarily find your happiness!

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