Japanese Demon Ring

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This Japanese demon ring is endowed with magical powers: put it on your finger to get a clean heart

Oni ( ) are forms of yōkai ( Japanese demon ). They can take the form of spirits, demons or ghosts. Very present in Japanese folklore, it can be malicious or pranks. We recognize them thanks to their horns, their loincloth and their gourdin!

This demonic ring is made of silver which gives it the advantage of not rust and have a long hold over time. In case of oxidation, we invite you to consult the tutorial below.

  • Ring Diameter : Adjustable
  • Composition : silver
  • Weight : 17 g

Here are all our tips to wear and keep your Japanese demon ring !


⛩️ For optimal shelf life, we advise you not to put your hands in contact with chemicals. On the other hand, no worries about water: it will not have a detrimental effect on your Japanese jewellery

⛩️ If your demon ring darkens, immerse it in soapy water, then rinse it and use a soft cloth to dry and make it shine

⛩️ If you look for a protective ring , take a look at our dragon ring : it symbolizes the most powerful of the deities

⛩️ A few tips on how to wear your Japanese ring : the left hand represents love and altruism. While the right hand instead symbolizes self-representation and action!

⛩️ Find all the products in our Japanese jewelry collection, inspired by Japanese folklore, legends and traditions

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