Silver Mantra Necklace

Mantra Pendant

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Choose this Silver Mantra Necklace: Invent Your Sacred Formula with Spiritual Power

The lotus flower represented on this double rectangular silver pendant symbolizes the rebirth, reincarnation and purity of the soul. Wear this pretty Japanese necklace and give your soul a new life.

The 999 silver that makes up this mantra necklace has a superior shine. High quality and ultra-resistant, this 99.9% pure silver jewellery is unique and perfectly transcribes Japanese folklore.

  • Pendant size : 21 x 36 mm
  • Composition : silver 999
  • Chain length : 55 or 65 cm

Find our tips and recommendations to wear and preserve your Japanese mantra jewellery for a long time!


⛩️ Your mantra necklace is not afraid of water, however, we strongly advise against putting it in contact with chemicals, otherwise it may damage irreversibly

⛩️ Silver 999 does not rust but can oxidize in contact with water. To prevent darkening of your beautiful piece of jewellery , we advise you to dip it into a cup containing olive oil and lemon before drying it with a micro fibre towel

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⛩️ To highlight your Japanese pendant , we advise you to bet on a sober white outfit that matches very well with silver!

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