Authentic Geisha Kimono
Authentic Geisha Kimono
Authentic Geisha Kimono

Authentic Geisha Kimono

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This luxury women's kimono passes on Japanese tradition from generation to generation

This pretty japanese women kimono with celestial colors translates all the history of Japan. Its patterns refer to the flourishing nature present in the land of the rising sun. Flowers are almost a religion in Japan: there is a multitude of them and they symbolize sweetness, kindness and ephemeral beauty.

They are very often represented on traditional clothing. There is even an event dedicated to their contemplation. It is the hanami. It is a very popular festival that takes place every year, at the arrival of Spring.

The kimono is an iconic Japanese garment. In English, this term is translated as "clothing". During the Edo period (1603-1868), they were worn by geishas at the tea ceremony. It was customary for them to serve tea according to a well-defined protocol.

The tea ceremony gathered a handful of people where Matcha was served in an almost sanctimonious calm. Today, the Japanese women's kimono can be seen at graduations, weddings, young girls' coming of age celebrations or funerals.

A little advice: to close your kimono, remember to fold the left side on the right side. Last detail: wear carmine lipstick and decorate your eyes with a line of eyeliner. That's it, it's done! All that's left for you to do is to have a great evening as a beautiful geisha.

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Here are our best recommendations to enhance your traditional kimono:

💯 If you measure less than 1m65, we advise you to choose size S, if you measure between 1m65 and 1m70, size M will suit you better. Choose the size L if you measure more than 1m79. In case of doubt, take a look at our size guide

💯 If you're still wondering when and how to wear it, don't look anymore. We'll tell all! You can wear it for a fancy dress party or similar situations and to look like a real Japanese geisha, just get the following accessories: kanzashi comb, furisode bag, uchiwa fan, tabi socks and geta sandals.

💯 If you prefer darker yet equally flowery colors to turn you into a geisha, we are convinced that this geisha-kimono-costume will make you happy. This sumptuous outfit has the advantage of being both casual and authentic

If you want have more choice, we also recommend you to have a look to our geisha kimono dress collection


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