Kimono Chidori
Kimono Chidori
Kimono Chidori
Kimono Chidori
Kimono Chidori

Kimono Chidori

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Wear this Kimono chidori to honor Japanese tales and legends

Japanese culture is rich in symbols, signs and folklore of all kinds. The chidori birds are an icon of the land of the rising sun. Printed or embroidered on a kimono fabric, this fantastic animal signifies courage and perseverance. It is a very popular Japanese pattern on the samurai kimono (and also on those of geishas)!

If you want to wear a Japanese garment like a Geisha, know that, like most Japanese clothes, it is T-shaped so that you can be belted at the waist whatever your morphology. It is a garment to have in one's wardrobe for all the lovers of Japan and cosplay fans.

The fabric is of high quality so that you can be comfortable all day long. In order to know all the subtleties of this traditional Japanese outfit, here is a little fashion tutorial...

how should the Japanese woman kimono be worn?

  • 💯 We offer two sizes for this Japanese woman kimono: if you measure less than 1m60, choose size S, otherwise choose size M. Look at the size guide to see the full dimensions
  • 💯 To dress like a Japanese geisha, you have to respect a certain number of codes. First of all, you will need white Tabi socks. These socks with split toes are worn with Japanese wooden sandals. Tie your kimono with an Obi belt to refine your waist. Finish your outfit with a Japanese Kanzashi jewel for hair
  • 💯 For a kimono with lighter tones, set the mood with this Traditional Geisha Kimono. It is a discreet geisha garment in the wabi sabi style!
  • 💯 Warning : tradition requires you to always close this geisha garment with the left side on the right. Only the dead have the right to close it in the other direction !
  • For more traditional pattern, have a look to the full women kimono dress collection


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