Kimono Geisha Costume
Kimono Geisha Costume
Kimono Geisha Costume

Kimono Geisha Costume

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This kimono tsuru for women will bring you longevity and good fortune: don't sleep on it!

The birds represented on this Japanese clothing symbolize Tsuru. Also called Japanese cranes, these auspicious birds symbolize good fortune and longevity (having spent 1000 years in the land of immortals).

You can wear this split kimono lengthwise for an evening with friends or family. Though it is rather summery, it can also be worn mid-season if the weather is mild or even indoors!

The history of the kimono is full of tradition. Formerly worn by the geishas, it presents itself more and more in Western fashion. For a Japanese look, you can add a pair of wooden geta sandals. They have the advantage of being particularly comfortable.

If you want to adopt the codes of the traditional kimono, here are some tricks: use a nagajuban (long white and light dress) under your kimono by letting the collar appear. Choose an obi belt (wide) and a koshi imo belt (thin). And remember to fold the left side over the right side: the reverse is reserved for dead people.

how to wear a japanese kimono

Bellow, you will find our fashion tips for how to wear a kimono elegantly and respectful of traditions :

💯 If you prefer to wear colorful clothing, look at this red Japanese kimono robe It is the ideal garment to attend matsuri festivals in the land of the rising sun

💯 For a 100% Japanese geisha look, we advise you to try the tabi socks with split toes and Japanese wooden sandals. Opt for an obi belt to belt your outfit at the waist. We also advise you to have a look all our Japanese kimono dresses choices


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