Floral Japanese Pants

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These trousers with a Japanese look break the codes of the traditional style. Will you be quick enough to take it before the others?

This Japanese garment fits in a chic and casual style. Who does not like walking by putting his hands in the pockets? Thanks to the two side pockets, it is possible! The little plus: its elasticated waist will fit you.

This summer dress can also be worn indoors. Don't hesitate to match your outfit and accessories with the colors of these pretty flowing pants. Blue, Orange, White: You are spoiled for choice.


  • 💯 These printed trousers are inspired by the Japanese summer style. It is perfect for a stylish look and fits all body shapes
  • 💯 If you are looking for trousers with the effigy of the famous Japanese cranes, these tsurus pants will necessarily please you. It symbolizes birds that bring longevity and good fortune
  • 💯 For a Japanese look , we recommend wearing geta sandals . They are highly appreciated by the inhabitants of the archipelago. For a streetwear style, we recommend you put on your most beautiful pair of sneakers
  • 💯 Even more 100% Japanese products in our collection Japanese trousers : straight cut, short, long, wide... The possibilities are endless

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