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Light up your interior with this Japanese Oiran print

In Japan, printmaking refers to an engraving technique borrowed from China. This process uses xylography and illustrates Buddhist thought. Many works referred to sutras (principles and commandments of the religious book).

With the arrival of colors (polychromy) during the Edo period, this art gained momentum. It was very popular with artisans and merchants. Illustrations of courtesans (oiran) and landscapes were then created.

This painting represents one of those beautiful women painted during the Tokugawa shogunate. It is part of the period of emergence of Bijin-ga paintings (painting of pretty women). Period during which the courtesans of feudal Japan were very popular.

  • The package contains a Japanese print reproduction
  • The print is made on a canvas canvas which is made of cotton
  • The wall decoration is delivered in a tube-type packaging (cardboard) to facilitate its delivery

Here are some tips for Japanese interior design :


💯 We recommend that you measure the location and choose a spot at eye level before ordering the decorative canvas .

💯 The package does not have a frame but if you want to add a touch of traditionalism to this Japanese decoration , you can add one.

💯 Canvas is lightweight, easy to handle and easy to handle. It will be all the easier to hang it or put it on a piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers or console.

💯 Ideal for bringing out colors, cotton canvas is guaranteed glare-free and long-lasting.

💯 Find all of our selection in the Japanese print collection. It consists of works illustrating the urban lifestyles of the archipelago.

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🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

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