Japanese print woman
Japanese print woman

Japanese print woman

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Japanese your interior with this canvas inspired by a Japanese print of a woman

The Japanese print ( woodcut ) appeared with an artistic current called ukiyo-e. This art illustrates the themes of Japanese urban culture including the painting of pretty women (bijin-ga).

This Japanese painting is inspired by traditional engraving techniques and depicts three beautiful women enjoying the flourishing nature of the archipelago, represented by a tree and its cherry blossoms.

Among all the Ukiyo-e artists, Utamaro is known for having made a very large number of performances of courtesans. The latter inspired several Japanese works between the 17th and 20th centuries.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The print is made on a canvas canvas (100% cotton) allowing the adhesion of pigments and a long-lasting shine
  • The wall decoration is packaged in a quality cardboard tube for an accident-free delivery

Here are some tips for harmonious Japanese decor :


💯 Choose a location at eye level and take measurements before ordering this pretty Japanese canvas .

💯 The wall decor does not come with a frame but you can add one to add a traditional touch.

💯 This replica Japanese print is lighter, more manageable and will be easier to hang in your home than a vintage painting.

💯 The cotton canvas is durable and will sustainably enhance the colors of this ukiyo-e artwork .

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💯 Find all our inspirations in the Japanese print collection, a selection of the most beautiful works inspired by the Edo period.


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