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Highlight the woman with this Japanese print, a true work of ukiyo-e art

Ukiyo-e means image of the floating world. It is a Japanese art borrowed from Asian culture that is characterized by wood engraving. The themes illustrated on the Japanese prints are inspired by the urban lifestyle.

This Japanese painting depicts two beautiful women and is part of a triptych. This theme is particularly used by artists of the time, including Utamaro. The painting of pretty women, called “bijin-ga"refers to the representation of courtesans who marked the prints of the archipelago .

This interior design is inspired by the greatest designers, engravers, printers and publishers of the time who designed, manufactured and marketed woodprints .

  • Package contains a Japanese engraving replica
  • Artwork is printed on durable, quality cotton canvas
  • The decorative picture comes in a cardboard tube to prevent the canvas from getting damaged during transport

Here are some ideas for a tasteful Japanese decoration :


💯 Before ordering the canvas, determine the location, ideally at eye level, and take steps to ensure that it is well displayed.

💯 The package does not contain a frame but you can add one, it will add an authentic effect to this canvas picture.

💯 This representation of a Japanese print has the advantage of being lighter and easier to handle than a real engraving, you can change its place according to your desires.

💯 Canvas canvas is perfect for polychrome illustrations, it offers an even brighter depth of color than traditional wood prints .

💯 To vary the themes, opt for the blue canvas , it represents a superb landscape of the Land of the Rising Sun.

💯 Visit our collection of Japanese prints to discover many eclectic representations of Ukiyo-e art, ranging from eroticism on Japanese calendars, kabuki theater and sumo wrestlers.

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