Japanese Warrior Tattoo Print
Japanese Warrior Tattoo Print
Japanese Warrior Tattoo Print

Japanese Warrior Tattoo Print

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Choose this Japanese print symbolizing a warrior and his tattoo

Japanese printing is a wood engraving technique that appeared during the Edo period: 1606-1868. It is inspired by the image of the floating world (ukiyo-e). This art uses xylography and the themes it addresses revolve around the Japanese urban lifestyle.

The precursors of this technique are artists who have succeeded one another for more than 300 years, proof of its timeless character. Among the representations, there are a lot of portraits. And in particular samurai , geishas and sumo wrestlers (rikishis).

This decorative canvas depicts a samurai looking behind his back. He has a tattoo that represents a dragon. This animal is known to be very protective in the land of the rising sun.

  • The package contains a Japanese print replica
  • The print is made on a cotton canvas called canvas
  • The Japanese decoration is rolled in cardboard packaging in the form of a tube for accident-free transport

Here are some tips for a successful wall decoration :


💯 We recommend that you measure the location before ordering the Japanese decoration .

💯 The package does not come with a frame but nothing prevents you from buying one and putting the canvas in it for a truly traditional effect.

💯 Lighter, easier to handle and handle than a wood engraving, this cotton canvas can be changed places according to your desires and move from the bedroom to the living room or from the office to the entrance.

💯 The second advantage of canvas is its quality: the colors retain their depth, the canvas does not reflect and the material is designed to last over time.

💯 Opt for a different style with the canvas Bijin-ga which means painting of pretty women and which symbolizes one of those courtesans who marked feudal Japan .

💯 Discover all our inspirations through a wide selection of reproductions in our print collection and let yourself be tempted by a geisha canvas, a samurai painting or a replica of a famous Japanese landscape.


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