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Do you want to decorate your home with a Japanese figure? Opt for this samurai on print!

Printmaking is a Japanese engraving technique that originated more than 400 years ago, when Tokyo was called Edo. The manufacturing steps of this work were 3 in number: drawing, engraving and printing. Then artisans and merchants were in charge of selling it.

Among the themes acclaimed by his artists (Hokusai, Utamaro, Hiroshige...), that of the samurai came up frequently. An emblematic figure of the Japanese archipelago, this warrior was considered a brave and valiant fighter.

This print replica is part of a triptych (3 paintings). It represents a samurai from feudal Japan. He traded his armor for traditional Japanese clothing: the kimono. This representation symbolizes the upper social class of the archipelago, to which the middle class is very sensitive.

  • Package includes a reprography of a Japanese print
  • The design is printed on a 100% cotton canvas
  • The decorative canvas is packed in a cardboard tube for easy transport

Here are some recommendations for great home decor :


💯 Before choosing the size and ordering the Japanese canvas , we advise you to choose a location at eye level and measure it.

💯 Delivered unframed, this print reproduction can stand as is or can be framed to add a touch of traditionalism.

💯 Unlike wood engraving , canvas canvas is light, easy to handle and easy to handle. You can change places according to your desires without it being too complicated.

💯 The advantage of cotton canvas is that it respects the depth of the colors. In addition, it does not reflect. Its hold is long lasting.

💯 If you have a big white wall, go for the fighter board . It is part of a series of 3 paintings that you can hang at the same height or offset for a modern style.

💯 Discover our most beautiful reproductions in our Japanese print collection. All the figures of Japanese society are represented: courtesans, geishas, theater actors, sumo wrestlers...

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