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Choose the ukiyo-e or the Japanese print to adorn your living room with a Japanese touch

Ukiyo-e is the image of the floating world. It is an art that consists of making wood engraving, also called printmaking. This technique appeared almost 400 years ago. Its handcrafted production was broken down into 3 steps: drawing, engraving and printing.

Inspired by religious culture before being artistic, the floating world referred to an imaginary universe in which we felt sadness and bitterness. It was only 200 years later that this current approached it from the prism of pleasure.

This work represents all the symbols that can be found in the Land of the Rising Sun. You can see kanjis, these typically Japanese calligraphic characters. Also featured are Irezumi tattoos, the depiction of a dragon, chopsticks, and the Great Wave of Kanagawa.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The print is made on a 100% cotton canvas called canvas
  • The wall canvas is rolled in a cardboard tube for easy transport

Here are some recommendations for a perfect interior design :


💯 We recommend that you measure the location before ordering the Japanese canvas and hang it at eye level.

💯 The package does not come with a frame but you can add one to add a touch of the period, traditional and authentic.

💯 Place your wall canvas where you want and with ease: very light and practical to handle, it will dress up a wall, decorate a chest of drawers or adorn an entrance cabinet.

💯 Thanks to the canvas , the colors will have depth, the rendering will be matte and without reflection and the lifespan will be long.

💯 For a print reproduction with the effigy of the valiant warriors, put on the samurai canvas . It represents a fighter in action, ready to attack his enemy armed with his sword.

💯 For even more works, take a look at the Japanese print collection. We offer a wide variety of canvases, all inspired by traditional engravings .

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🇺🇸: Ten to twenty business days
🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

You have 14 days to return your item. Please contact us first via the contact form or by email: contact@kimurakami.com. The after-sales service will tell you the return process.

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