Japanese Girl Uniform

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Show off your love of Japanese culture by choosing this Japanese Girl Uniform

The Sailor Fuku is a traditional uniform for Japanese students. It was inspired by sailors' costumes. This strict dress code is mandatory in public and private establishments in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This Kawaii set consists of a navy blue shirt and skirt. The top sleeves are long, with a white collar and beige trim.

  • Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Fit: straight
  • FREE: a pair of high-top Japanese socks
  • Size: check the size guide, as they are Japanese sizes

Here are some tips for wearing your Japanese uniform...


🇯🇵 For an authentic Japanese schoolgirl outfit , wear a sweater or blazer. Choose a waistcoat in the same color as the skirt or bow in the set...

🇯🇵 Get inspired by Sukeban to show your personality. You can dye your hair or wear a Kitsune mask to perfect your look...

🇯🇵 For a cosplay convention, you can wear loose-style knee socks or a colorful tie with your Japanese outfit ...

🇯🇵 For more designs and colors, we advise you to check out our complete collection of Japanese uniforms offering a wide range of Sailor Fuku...

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