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Japanese T-Shirt

This collection of Traditional Japanese T-shirts is inspired by Japanese folklore.

You will find on our game of Japanese printed t shirt designs inspired by Japanese mythological creatures such as: the oni demon, the kitsune, the tengu, the kappa, the tanuki, the komainu, the avenging demon hannya. If you want to know more about Japanese deities and demons then we invite you to read our article about Japanese yokai... 

We are also inspired by Japanese artists such as Hokusai and his great work : The Great Wave of Kanagawa. The land of the rising sun is also very rich in terms of symbols. Animals like the Japanese crane bird or the koi carp play an important role in the cultural richness of Japan. We have in this collection, several t-shirts printed with these authentic patterns!

Japanese Streetwear

During our trip to Japan, we were particularly impressed by the streetwear style of the Japanese in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

Our t-shirt collection is thus inspired by streetwear fashion and traditional Japanese clothing such as the kimono or yukata. We realized that mixing styles is totally possible. For example, you can wear a Japanese hoodie underneath a sukajan bomber or a Japanese pants. For these types of clothes to match we advise you however to wear them with an oversize or Loose cut!

If you have the chance to make a trip to Japan, we advise you to go to the street of Harajuku or you will be able to see many b. It is the landmark of streetwear followers!!

T-shirt material

In order to ensure exceptional quality and comfort, all Japanese t-shirts in our Japanese online shop are 100% cotton. We also offer a range of organic cotton round neck t-shirts whose original designs were made by our designer.

The material of each printed t-shirt is thick and soft. We worked with manufacturers to make our Cotton T-shirts comfortable to wear year-round. Our loose-fitting shirts are ideal for summer. The breathable fabric keeps your skin cool. For winter we recommend you wear a Japanese hoodie over our t-shirt to stay warm. 

In order to offer quality short sleeve t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts, we have developed with our suppliers and designers clothes having a thick weight. We have chosen combed cotton for greater quality!

How to have the best Japanese streetwear style?

To have a great Japanese streetwear or sportswear style, we advise you to play on the color recall with your embroidered or printed t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

You can also wear a cap in the same color as your Japanese clothes.

Each Japanese tee shirt is Unisex. They are suitable for both men and women.  The oversize style is very popular in Japan and especially in Harajuku city!

Embroidered or flocked, short sleeve or long sleeve, the Japanese style t-shirt is endlessly declined for a timeless style! It is the Japanese garment to absolutely have in his wardrobe.


To complete your clothing style, you can add to your outfit:

  • a pair of Japanese Tabi socks¬†: these are Japanese socks with separate toe. We also offer high socks with Japanese demon prints, kawaii or with a wide selection of floral print
  • a Japanese sweatshirt:¬†the hoodie¬†is perfect for winter, but also all year round. Our¬†Japanese sweatshirts¬†are ideal to¬†wear with a skirt or a man's tracksuit
  • a kimono haori jacket:¬†the Japanese jacket is the preferred fashion accessory in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. The Japanese haori is very trendy is worn as well with a traditional Japanese kimono as with leggings¬†multicolored for a kawaii¬†!¬†

The round neck and classic cut of the Japanese mofif tee suits all morphologies. For an understated look, pair your original tee with skinny jeans and a dark jacket.

1. Women's Japanese T-shirt

The cut of all our t-shirts is mixed. They are ideal for women who want to wear a casual masculine outfit. Some of our customers wear their long t-shirts over leggings. Or you can wear your oversized t-shirt as a dress. To have a feminine touch, you can add an accessory like a small belt to mark the waist and refine the silhouette!

2. Men's Japanese T-shirt

For men wanting a casual look, we recommend wearing the tee shirt with loose pants and a pair of sneakers.

Don't hesitate to check out our reviews because after all, it's our customers who speak best about our products! We wish you an excellent shopping experience!