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The art of Japanese tattooing is called Irezumi. It is an ancestral art that dates back several centuries. The first traces and history of the Japanese tattoo come from the Ainu tribe.

Japanese tattoo history

The Japanese style of Irezumi tattoo has a bad connotation in the land of the rising sun. In Japanese culture, people with tattoos were associated with prisoners, thugs, gangsters for centuries... They were tattooed by the authorities as a token of punishment for their wrongdoing.

Even today, it is impossible for a tattooed person to go to an onsen (bathhouse) or a Ryokan. The Yakuza mafia has totally appropriated this symbolism by tattooing large parts of the body: arms, back, legs, neck etc... It is a mandatory Yakuza rite of passage because the bamboo tattoo with needle and ink is so painful and long that it takes a lot of courage to complete an integral tattoo...

The traditional Irezumi tattoo is associated with Japanese folklore through demons Oni, Yurei ghosts, famous people like the demon Tengu, Hannya or the fox god Kitsune. We also find these printed patterns, embroidered in the world of fashion (t-shirt, kimono, coat etc...) or engraved on Japanese jewelry !

Some iconic symbols are also represented in this traditional art. Here is the meaning of the Irezumi tattoos that the most represented:

  • the Sakura cherry blossom tattoo that symbolizes beauty
  • Japanese dragon tattoo Ryu that matches wisdom
  • Japanese Tsuru Crane Tattoo That Mean Longevity
  • Koi carp tattoo associated with strength and masculinity

Thanks to this collection of ephemeral tattoos , this is an opportunity for you to show your passion for the world of Japan without having a tattoo for life. A first tattoo is an important choice, which is why it is important to select your tattoo artist well...

How to apply the temporary Irezumi tattoo?

  1. Start by cleaning your skin well with a towel before putting on the tattoo. You'll have to stick the temporary tattoo on a smooth part of your skin. That is to say, hairless. This will allow for a better grip. Be careful, your skin must be completely dry before applying the fake tattoo
  2. Cut out the tattoo with a margin of about one centimeter
  3. Then gently remove the plastic film
  4. Place the tattoo on the front side and apply the good on your skin (smooth, washed and hairless)
  5. Then start moistening the temporary tattoo with a sponge (not soaked)
  6. Wait about two minutes and then gently remove the film from one of the corners. Throughout the process, keep dabbing your skin with your damp sponge.
  7. To complete the tattoo installation, stay as still as possible for more than ten minutes. Avoid sudden movements, and do not stretch your skin while the tattoo is perfectly fixed!