Japanese Dragon Temporary Tattoo

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Draw the strength and wisdom of the dragon from this temporary Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoos have been around for centuries. The first appeared in the Ainu tribe. Since then, they have always been equated with Japanese criminals and mobs. During the Edo era, they were punished by tattooing them on their foreheads to recognize them.

The Irezumi tattoo art uses a bamboo tattoo technique. The latter is much more painful than the Western technique of using a needle and ink. Getting a tattoo is proof of courage and resistance to pain.

The Japanese dragon is an institution in Japan. It is the most admired and respected mythical animal in the archipelago. It symbolizes profound blessing, wisdom and strength. It is frequently used on Japanese tattoos and in fashion in general.

Before you mark your skin for life, we advise you to try several temporary tattoos before making a final choice.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese dragon
  • Hypoallergenic tattoo: medical glue is of natural origin

For a perfect installation and application of the ephemeral Japanese tattoo , follow our 3-step tutorial, it will simplify your life:

🇯🇵 Start by defining the part of your body on which you want to put the Japanese tattoo . Your skin needs to be smooth and hairless to allow for better adhesion. Before putting it on, make sure your skin is clean and dry.

🇯🇵 Cut out the Japanese tattoo according to the shape of the drawing and leaving about 1 cm of margin. Gently remove the transparent film and apply the drawn side to your skin. With a well wrung out sponge, pat all the paper.

🇯🇵 Let the Asian tattoo sit for 2 minutes to gently remove it by taking it by a corner. Then let it dry for about 10 minutes without making a sudden gesture: you risk deforming it.

🇯🇵 Want to discover more? All our temporary tattoos are available in the Japanese tattoo collection. Take a look at it and go for your favorite!

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