Dragon Ryu Temporary Tattoo

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Get inspired by the wisdom of this temporary Japanese dragon tattoo

Do you know the origin of Japanese tattoos ? They come from the Ainu tribe and were later assimilated to criminals. In the land of the rising sun, the mafia has a name: Yakuza. This clan gathers notorious bandits. Before 1872, their punishment was a tattoo on the forehead.

The Japanese tattoo is different from the one that is done in the western regions. The art of Irezumi tattooing is done with bamboo. This technique is much more painful than a needle and ink tattoo. It's a rite of passage to join the clan.

The Japanese dragon drawn on this back tattoo symbolizes wisdom and strength. In Japan, it is also called ryu (). In general, it is drawn with a camel's head, snake neck, koi scales, hawk greenhouses, and deer horns.

If you are not sure which design you are going to choose for your permanent tattoo, we advise you to try several temporary tattoos before making your choice.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo Style: Japanese Dragon Ryu
  • Hypoallergenic tattoo: medical glue is of natural origin

Here is our temporary tattoo tutorial so that this Japanese dragon fits you perfectly:

🇯🇵 To allow a better grip, we advise you to choose an area of your skin that is smooth, that is, with little or no hair. Before applying the Japanese tattoo, also think about washing and drying yourself well.

🇯🇵 Then proceed to the step of applying the Japanese tattoo by cutting the drawing with a margin of one cm. Stick the drawn side to your skin and apply a wrung out sponge to make the drawing penetrate.

🇯🇵 Leave it on for 2 minutes and start to gently remove it from a corner. Keep moistening it. Once completely removed, let it dry for 10 minutes with as little moving as possible: you risk distorting the dragon tattoo .

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