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Decorate your back with this Japanese Maiko tattoo that symbolizes a geisha apprentice

Historically, the Japanese tattoo represents creatures that are folkloric or deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition. It is the members of the Japanese mafia who wear it the most. At the time, they were identified thanks to this and tattoos represented an indelible punishment.

The Japanese tattoo , when done properly, is very painful. The skin is stung with bamboo, needle and ink. The body parts chosen by the Yakuza are often very large: back, legs, arms... They illustrate their great resistance to pain.

The Japanese girl drawn on this back japanese tattoo is a maiko. In the land of the rising sun, this term is used to refer to geisha apprentices. They are trained at an early age in the codes of art and presentation. And contrary to what most people think, they are not courtesans or women of little virtue.

Are you a fan of Japanese designs? Would you like to get a tattoo on an archipelago pattern? Start by getting a temporary tattoo before you get started for good.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Irezumi Japanese maiko
  • Hypoallergenic tattoo: medical glue of natural origin


Here is our tutorial in 3 steps to make a temporary tattoo as real as it is:

🇯🇵 Step 1: choose a hairless body part for a better grip of the temporary tattoo . Wash and dry the retained area well.

🇯🇵 Step 2: cut the drawing with a margin of one cm, remove the plastic film, apply the drawing to the skin and moisten the paper with a well-wrung sponge to make the tattoo maiko penetrate.

🇯🇵 Step 3: leave on for 2 minutes, gently remove the paper by taking it by a corner, continue to moisten and let dry for 10 minutes to prevent the Japanese tattoo from deforming.

🇯🇵 To discover all our Asian tattoo designs, we advise you to go to our Japanese tattoo collection. There you will find many inspirations to decorate your back, legs or arms.

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