Tiger Temporary Tattoo

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Become a true peacekeeper with this temporary tiger tattoo

First appearing in the Ainu tribe, Japanese tattoos have a history. For many years, they were associated with the Japanese mafias: the Yakuza. They were tattooed on their foreheads as a symbol of retaliation for their actions.

In Japan, Japanese tattooing is an art called Irezumi. It adopts a technique typical of the archipelago, namely bamboo tattooing. This process is much more painful than a needle and ink tattoo. That is why it is considered a rite of passage among Yakuza criminals.

The tiger depicted on this back tattoo represents the soldier of good. This animal repels darkness and protects humans. He fights against hell, disease and misfortune. Staged in a fight, it symbolizes autumn, wind, longevity, strength and courage.

If you want to have a Japanese pattern tattooed permanently, we recommend that you try temporary tattooing first. It will help you get an idea of the final drawing.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese tiger
  • Hypoallergenic: medical glue is of natural origin

Here are 3 special temporary tattoo tutorial tips to correctly apply the Japanese tiger to your skin:

🇯🇵 To begin with, choose a smooth and hairless area to allow optimal adhesion of the tiger tattoo . Then make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and properly dried. For this, use a clean terry towel.

🇯🇵 Then cut out the Japanese tattoo following the contours of the drawing and leaving about 1 cm of margin. Carefully remove the protective film and penetrate the Japanese tattoo by tapping it with a sponge that has been rinsed and then wrung out (not soaked).

🇯🇵 Let the Japanese tattoo rest for the next 2 minutes then grab a corner of the drawing and begin to gradually remove it while continuing to moisten it so that it does not dry out. Make sure not to make sudden gestures for 10 minutes because the design may distort.

🇯🇵 To find all our ephemeral tattoo models, we look forward to seeing you in our Japanese tattoo collection. You will find dragon, geisha, samurai, kitsune fox... and many others!

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