Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono
Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono
Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono
Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono
Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono

Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono

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This green kimono for women flaunts the green nature of the archipelago in the honor

This kimono with green and white patterns is ideal for diving into the Japanese universe. The nature that it shows is flourishing and delicate. Many festivals pay homage to the beauty of flowers, trees, or even seas and oceans.

Wear this traditional kimono and put on other typical Japanese garments . Originally, this authentic garment was worn by geishas of the Edo period. They are women who are initiated very early into musical art and the codes of performance.

It is customary to wear the kimono during tea ceremonies. It is an ancestral art inspired by Buddhism during which a practitioner serves tea in a codified manner. Usually this ceremony is attended by a small handful of people.

In Japanese, the ceremony can be translated in two different ways. Chanoyu (茶の湯) means "hot water for tea" and usually refers to art. Sadō (茶道) or Chadō (茶道) means "way of tea" and represents the study of the tea ceremony from a more spiritual point of view.

Now that you know all that, you just have to invite your friends to drink tea, wear this beautiful kimono for the occasion and pass on to them the Japanese tradition of the tea ceremony!

Traditional Geisha Dress Kimono

Here are some fashion tips so that you can slip into your Japanese kimono with elegance:

  • 💯 For women under 1m 55, we recommend S. If you are between 1m55 and 1m65, choose M. If you are over 1m65, you can use L because these are Japanese sizes. Don't hesitate to consult our size guide if you need
  • 💯 If you swith colors, you can also wear this modern geisha kimono outfit. Sakura flowers pattern symbolizes beauty in the land of the rising sun .
  • 💯 Follow Japanese tradition: always close the left side of the kimono on the right because the opposite direction corresponds to the dress of the dead
  • 💯 For a style geisha, we recommend that you tie an obi belt to mark your waist. We can also recommend you to have a look to our Japanese-kimono-dress for more traditional patterns. To be comfortable, you can wear white tabi socks and geta sandals to match your kimono

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