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Looking for a Japanese kimono for men? Opt for this traditional samurai garment!

Appeared in the 12th century in the middle of Kamakura period, the Japanese kimono (which means clothing) was the habit of official ceremonies. Tea Ceremony, Religious Wedding Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony... The fighters of the time wore it from generation to generation: the family cabinet was embroidered on the fabric.

The Sengoku era provincial wars also had their motive: the Nami waves. Depicted on this samurai outfit, the symbol was picked up on the banners and armor of the warriors. It is a reference to the gods of the seas that symbolizes the troops flying over their enemies. A sign of strength.

  • The material of the fabric is cotton
  • The fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear
  • The cut of the kimono is straight and the length of the sleeves is 3/4
  • The Japanese pattern is inspired by the nami symbol (wave)

Here are our fashion tips for wearing this traditional kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 Available in sizes M and L, we recommend size M to men under 80 kg and L for those with a minimum weight of 80 kg. To adjust this men's kimono , you can tie an obi belt at the waist. It will give your look a dressed Japanese effect.

💯 To wear this traditional Samurai style costume, put on a pair of white split toe socks (tabi), Japanese wooden sandals (geta) and a small fan. Japanese style guaranteed!

💯 If you are looking for a sober Japanese kimono with discreet patterns, opt for the kimono fans : this plain black suit has two small white fans on each of the two parts of the garment.

💯 Want to discover more? Go to our Japanese kimono men collection. We offer a wide range of traditional, casual and trendy Japanese clothing .

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