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Adopt the unique and typical Japanese style with this kimono cosplay tutorial

The wearing of traditional Japanese clothing is subject to a code. To respect it, you can follow this kimono tutorial : first put on white tabi socks. Then pass the traditional underwear (susuyoke and nagajuban). Coat the hadajuban over the nagajuban to protect the kimono material. And finally, tie the koshi imo belt and the wide strip of obi fabric over it.

The Japanese wore mostly kimono for official events. These include graduations, Shinto religious weddings and the famous tea ceremony. It was especially the Samurai warriors, nobles and sometimes sumo who wore this typical outfit. Today, this outfit can be worn as a suit.

Its geometric patterns refer to the manufacture of bamboo or wood partitions. Vertical and horizontal layering of these materials made it possible to create unique patterns. Suitable for Japanese men's clothing , this koushi pattern symbolizes power and elegance.

  • The material of the fabric is polyester
  • This fabric is lightweight, soft and pleasant; perfect for summer
  • The kimono cut is straight and the sleeves have a 3/4 length
  • Japanese pattern: koushi

Here are our best fashion tips and recommendations to coat this cosplay kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 With a length of 67 inch, this Japanese men's clothing will suit you perfectly if you measure between 1.70 m and 1.80 m. To adjust its length, you can wear the famous Japanese belt (obi). If it goes up above the ankles, it is not annoying and will even give an even more summer effect.

💯 Opts for cosplay (costume and play) and imitates the greatest samurai warriors of the Edo period with this midnight blue kimono. You can even wear a katana sword, it will give you the same look as these fighters, highly respected in the land of the rising sun.

💯 If you're looking for a Japanese kimono featuring a famous floral pattern, take your focus on the susuki kimono : it symbolizes simplicity, elegance and is worn during the Moon.

💯 In order not to commit odd, do not forget to fold the left side on the right side when you close this traditional Japanese clothing because the reverse refers to the kimonos of the deceased.

💯 Find all our kimono models in the Japanese kimono men collection. Whether you're looking for a kimono cosplay , a trendy haori jacket or a casual chic yukata kimono, your next Japanese clothing is surely there!

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