Men's Cotton Kimono

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When summer arrives, opt for this men's cotton kimono: the pinnacle of Japanese comfort and elegance

Traditionally worn by high society, the kimono man has become democratized and then declined in other styles. Where, once, it was worn for official events; it is used today in a more casual version.

This Japanese kimono is the perfect example of the Japanese garment revisited in summer clothing. Woven in cotton, it offers a great feeling of comfort and softness.

  • Fabric material: cotton
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Straight and long kimono cut with 3/4 sleeves
  • The color of the kimono is plain blue

Here are our best fashion tips and recommendations to coat this cosplay kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 To choose the right size of this Japanese clothing , we recommend the size M if you weigh less than 80 kg and size L if you do not. Putting on a Japanese belt if you want to refine your figure.

💯 Ideal for an outdoor festival, a family dinner or a relaxing time at home, this Japanese summer dress is a must have in its dressing room. Worn with tabi socks and geta sandals, it will offer you a typical Japanese style and comfortable.

💯 If you are looking for a Japanese kimono with nature-inspired patterns, we advise you to take a look at the seigaiha kimono : it represents the blue waves of the ocean and symbolizes luck, prosperity and peace.

💯 Did you know this rule? The traditional kimono always closes in the same direction, that is, by folding the left side of the garment over the right side at the risk of being confused with a mortuary kimono (reserved for deceased persons).

💯 Curious to discover other clothes inspired by the land of the rising sun? Go to the Japanese kimono men collection: you will find a wide range of unique kimonos.

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