Men's Cotton Kimono

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Focus on lightness with this ideal men's kimono as the summer season approaches

Inspired by traditional kimono, this Japanese garment seduces more and more. In the past, he adhered to a fairly strict dress code. There were no fewer than 10 elements to make up the complete outfit. It was worn for official events: graduation, tea ceremony or Shinto religious wedding.

The waves shown on this Japanese dress refer to the blue waves of the ocean. Its origin comes from ancient dances practiced in Japanese courtyards. Symbol of prosperity, peace and luck, this print is found most of the time on small eco-friendly furoshiki bags.

  • Fabric material: cotton
  • Fabric is soft, lightweight and supple
  • Straight Kimono Cut and Three-Quarter Sleeves
  • Kimono Pattern: Seigaiha

Here are our fashion recommendations for wearing this men's kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 To make this traditional Japanese outfit fit perfectly, we advise men under 80 kg to choose size M and those over 80 kg to prefer size L.

💯 Whether for a family ride, dinner with friends or a festival, we recommend wearing this Japanese men's outfit . It is ideal in all circumstances. Fine-tune your traditional look by slipping on a pair of socks (tabi) and wooden sandals (geta or zori).

💯 If you like the wave pattern, we recommend the Nami Kimono . A symbol of the god of the seas, it appeared on the armor and banners of the provincial troops. Nami waves represent strength, like the warriors who were scuffing over their enemies.

💯 Here is a rule to know when tying this authentic garment : it must always be closed in the same direction, namely the left side over the right side. Otherwise, it is considered a mortuary kimono.

💯 Discover even more Japanese patterns and colours through our Japanese kimono men collection. Each of our models is inspired by the culture and history of the land of the rising sun. Whether for our kimonos, yukata or haori jackets.

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