Samurai Kimono

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Time travel with this perfect replica of samurai kimono

The origin of traditional kimono dates back to the 12th century. At that time, the samurai used to wear this traditional garment . He was very popular for participating in official events. Among them are the tea ceremony or Shinto religious weddings.

The material of this samurai kimono is made of cotton. This fabric is very comfortable to wear in case of high heat. It is lightweight, flexible and breathable. This plain blue suit matches all colors: black, white, grey... A true must have of the summer season.

  • Fabric Composition: Thin Thin Cotton
  • The summer kimono is easy to clean: by hand or machine (30°)
  • Kimono length: 140 cm
  • Kimono Cut: Straight with Three-Quarter Wide Sleeves
  • Japanese kimono color: plain blue

🈚 We offer you two accessories and fine-tune your outfit: a belt to close your summer kimono and a small kinchaku fabric bag

Find our best fashion tips to wear this Japanese clothing ...


💯 This informal kimono (called yukata ) exists in size M and L. To choose, here are our recommendations: Size M will be more suitable for people under 80 kg. The size L will be perfect for those over 80 kg. To give you an idea, our model wears M. It weighs 60 kg and measures 1.77cm.

💯 Wear this Japanese garment to join your friends at an outdoor party, a dinner on the terrace or a festival! You can also make it a disguise: the samurai cosplay (costume + play) will make its little effect!

💯 If you are looking for an ultra-light version of casual kimono, the summer blue yukata will be ideal for a festive event. Indoors and outdoors, it will offer you a great feeling of softness.

💯 When wearing a Japanese kimono, keep this rule in mind: flap the left side over the right. The reverse is reserved for mortuary kimonos of the deceased.

💯 Discover all our models in the Japanese kimono men collection. You can build a 100% Japanese outfit by choosing a traditional or casual dress, wearing the patterns and symbols of your choice.

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