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Opt for this kimono style jacket for women that represents a kitsune mask on the back

In Japanese traditional and religious culture, there are numerous legends. They are often represented on Japanese clothing. There are also fantastic folk animals with very particular meanings. The fox (kitsune) is a supernatural and polymorphic spirit: it can take various forms.

Japanese masks like the one represented on this kimono jacket are released during festivals (matsuri) held in the archipelago at different times of the year. Festivalgoers like to dress up there and wear hand-painted masks.

Kitsune is associated with the goddess Inari of fertility, agriculture, and rice. The Japanese fox is his messenger. Sometimes evil, sometimes benevolent, the Japanese fox is facetious. The Haori jacket is also composed of pink flowers that represent cherry blossoms (sakura). They symbolize fleeting beauty.

ūüĎė More models of Japanese jackets are available¬†at our¬†kimono¬†Haori women¬† collection. We offer a wide choice of Japanese patterns so that you can expand your wardrobe.

  • Kimono Japanese pattern:¬†Kitsune mask¬†
  • Kimono jacket short¬†material: high-quality polyester
  • Jacket length: 69 cm (27.2 in)
  • Fit: straight, loose and 3/4 sleeves
  • Sublimation printing
  • Wash: 86¬įF max
(in / cm)




Unique 47.2 / 120
28.3 / 72
10.2 / 26

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