Kitsune Traditional Japanese Mask

Kitsune Traditional Japanese Mask

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  • Design with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Hand-painted mask by our craftsman
  • Choosing a quality and durable acrylic paint
  • 9 x 5.9" (23 x 15cm) adult size
  • Smooth Pvc mask and elastane cord so that the Japanese mask can be worn by everyone
  • Approach your opponents without revealing your identity thanks to this Kitsune Traditional Japanese Mask

    Japanese fox masks frequently appear in shonen (manga). Historically, these masks are also worn at matsuri festivals.

    It is on this occasion that one pays homage to the Shinto goddess Inari, a deity of fertility, agriculture and rice, of whom kitsune is the messenger.

    Here is a quick tutorial to give you some advice about this traditional Japanese mask...


    💯 Cosplay (costume and play) is a major part of Japanese culture and consists of playing the role of characters by imitating their costume, hair, makeup, etc.

    💯 For a complete cosplay outfit, we recommend you to wear this mask with a ninja outfit.

    💯 To perfect your shinobi style, don't hesitate to wear Japanese geta sandals. Once that's done, you'll slip into the skin of a real ninja from the Edo period!


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