Maneki Neko Kanji

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Provoke luck with this maneki neko kanji, we reveal its meaning to you...

The Maneki Neko and a lucky cat in the Land of the Rising Sun. Legend has it that a cat saved the life of a samurai in front of a Shinto temple. The cat beckoned to the samurai, sheltered under a tree due to a storm, to approach. That's when lightning cut the tree in half!

This Maneki Neko money box has kanji designs (Japanese characters). It is placed on a red cushion that symbolizes health. The raised left paw means that it invites passers-by to come in, it is a sign of welcome. The bag in its right leg brings money and good fortune. The white cat offers happiness and purity to its owner. It definitely has everything to please...

  • Maneki Neko ceramic
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 11 cm
  • Maneki Neko Money Box Package
tutorial Maneki Neko

Here are some tips for your interior with this Japanese decoration :

💯 The size of this ceramic maneki neko is practical because it can be placed on a shelf or a small piece of furniture discreetly.

💯 Put the odds on your side by orienting this Maneki Neko figure to the northwest. This location will bring you luck with your travel plans!

💯 You can also give it as a gift to a friend, family member or colleague who is passionate about the Japanese universe and its history.

💯 To discover all our lucky statuettes , we invite you to visit our Maneki Neko collection. It is full of colorful and cute little cats!

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