Maneki Neko Koi Carp

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This maneko neko with koi carp pattern symbolises luck and strength: don't miss it!

In Japanese folklore, the Maneki Neko cat originated in Gotokuji Temple. Located close to Tokyo Bay, this place is a true sanctuary. It is filled with shelves on which stand maneki neko of all kinds (small, large, porcelain, wood...).

Known for bringing good luck, the meaning of this lucky statuette is linked to its posture. On this one, the two legs raised signify welcome and prosperity. It also has a fish (koi carp) on its belly: a sign of strength and courage.

  • Maneki Neko ceramic
  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 22 cm
  • Maneki Neko Money Box Package

tutorial Maneki Neko

Here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of the lucky figure :

💯 Neither too big nor too small, this Maneki Neko money box (16x10x22 cm) has the ideal dimensions to hold all your coins.

💯 Store your white Maneki Neko on the northwest side, this orientation will bring you luck in all your travel wishes!

💯 The porcelain maneki neko is the perfect gift idea to give to a lover of the land of the rising sun: family, friend, colleague... No doubt he will be thrilled.

💯 Find all our little cat statues in the Maneki Neko collection that bring luck and good fortune...

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