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Wears one of the fashionable fashion accessories, the Japanese Obi Belt

The Japanese print on this obi belt illustrates a parting. In Japan, the skate skin translates as “honzame”. This Japanese symbol once adorned the scabbings and handles of samurai swords: katana. According to the legends of the land of the rising sun, it gives its wearer strength and protection in combat...

An essential Obi to wear a traditional Japanese kimono. This Japanese women's belt complements any type of dress.

  • The size is one
  • The Material is in canvas fabric and cotton
  • Composition: cotton fabric, rigid and thick
  • Dimensions: 15 cm in width and 240 cm in length
  • Washing: we strongly recommend washing only at low temperature and by hand!

To succeed your Japanese look with an obi belt, read these tips...

☯ For a geisha look, we advise you to tie a knot at the back as it will make you less to move.

☯ TheJapanese obi is also worn with a casual look. You can belt a long dress to refine your figure...

☯ If your outfit is a little dull and you want to brighten it up, we recommend wearing a colorful obi belt. It will showcase your fashion style ofHarajuku...

☯ If you want more color choices, we advise you to look at our complete collection of obi belt. We have Japanese symbols like sakura, kanagawa big wave, koi carp etc.

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