Obi Sakura Belt

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For a Japanese themed event, opt for this Obi Sakura Belt

In Japanese culture, cherry blossom announces the rice planting season and predicts the harvest level of the year. Its ephemeral beauty is celebrated as a metaphor of life. Japanese artists wrote haiku (Japanese poem) with his effigy...

The obi is a belt for traditional Japanese clothes, keikogi and part of kimono outfits...

  • The size is one
  • The Material is in canvas fabric and cotton
  • Composition: cotton fabric, rigid and thick
  • Dimensions: 15 cm in width and 240 cm in length
  • Washing: we strongly recommend washing only at low temperature and by hand!

To wear this Japanese obi, here are some recommendations...

☯ To compose a traditional geisha style with an obi, you can tie your Japanese belt on the back by making a double knot...

☯ For a more elegant and modern touch, you can tie your obi to the size of your shirt or long dress...

☯ One of the elements that make a woman kimono obi so beautiful is the choice of the pattern. We recommend that you make a color reminder with the symbol of this belt and the rest of your outfit. Harajuku fashion style assured...

☯ Take a tour of our complete collection of obi belt if you want to see more patterns inspired by Japanese culture.

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