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Wear a komainu lion mask if you have the soul of a Japanese deity👹

The Japanese lion deity is called komainu. It is the guardian of all Japanese temples. It has been inspired by Japanese folklore and the world of gods that it has created!

Japanese samurai wore demon masks on the battlefield to terrify their enemies. The komainu mask is an expression of this warrior fury.

Here are a few tips to wear this traditional lion mask :


💯 This Japanese lion mask can also be used as a Japanese decoration to give a sunrise country style to your room!

💯 We advise you to wear it if you want a cosplay look worthy of Japanese gods.

💯 This Japanese lion mask adapts to your head thanks to its adjustable band.

💯 We don't recommend that you play games such as Airsoft with it. It's a traditional mask that will terrify your enemies, but it won't protect you from bullets!

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