Japanese Sock Shoes

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These Japanese men's socks are a tribute to oni demons. Oni are evil creatures of Japanese folklore!

The Japanese patterns this sock has are ideal if you want to adopt a harajuku style worthy of the land of the rising sun. This pair is ideal for all fans of the Japanese universe, manga and cosplay alike!

Do you have the courage to wear these print-pattern socks with a terrifying Japanese demon? The design is inspired by Hannya tattoos. Hannya is a vengeful demon and is often depicted in Japanese theater productions where actors wear the hannya mask during their performance! Yakuza also sometimes tattoo Japanese demons on their bodies symbolize their desire for revenge.

If you are not yet ready to tattoo your whole body in the Irezumi style of the yakuza mafia, then these demon socks will fulfill all your desires! But be careful not to be possessed by the oni's gaze, a fatal sight during a full moon!

  • Material: cotton and elastane
  • Style: Hannya
Size : 37 to 46

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🇺🇸: Ten to twenty business days
🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

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