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Are you still hesitating to choose your interior design? Put on Japanese art with this samurai print!

Printmaking is a Japanese art that consists of using xylography to make woodcuts . Appeared in the early 1600s, this graphic art went through several periods: the shogunate, the Westernization and the arrival of photography.

During these eras, numerous artists succeeded one another illustrating in turn the urban lifestyle of the Japanese. One of the most (re) known is Hokusai, famous for its Great Wave of Kanagawa. Among the print replicas , we find samurai (and geishas) but also theater, calendars and wrestlers.

This painting, inspired by traditional Japanese prints , symbolizes a samurai warrior carrying a long sword. There is also a tree decorated with Japanese decorations, representing kanjis. These calligraphic characters are also present on Japanese clothing, lamps, and jewelry.

  • Package includes a Japanese print reproduction
  • The design is printed on canvas (cotton)
  • The Japanese canvas is delivered in a tube for easy transport

Here are some suggestions to make your decor a real Japanese work of art :


💯 Before choosing and ordering the wall canvas that exists in 3 dimensions, we advise you to measure the desired location.

💯 This Japanese canvas is not included with the frame. If you want to add a traditional touch, we recommend adding one.

💯 Light, handy and easy to handle, cotton canvas is advantageous compared to vintage Japanese prints. You will be able to hang it (and change places) very easily.

💯 The material of the canvas is a real pleasure for the eyes: cotton preserves the depth of the colors and offers a matte and glare-free result.

💯 Discover our wide selection of prints reproductions in the Japanese print collection. You can choose from a varied, colorful range inspired by the culture of the rising sun.

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