Japanese cat lantern

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This Japanese cat lantern will bring you the good fortune of Maneki Neko

The Japanese lantern originated in... China! It is inspired by it, with some differences. The structure of the Chinese lamp is mounted in meridians (vertical) while the Japanese one is in parallel (horizontal). The advantage: you can fold it up like an accordion to store it without taking up space.

Made from fine paper, the Japanese lamp is ideal for combining the useful with the pleasant. Washi paper is made from rice paper or mulberry fibers. The wires that hold the structure were once made of bamboo, today they are more made of iron.

The cat represented on this paper light is a maneki neko in Japanese. It is known to bring good luck and prosperity. Often planted at the entrances of restaurants and shops, it is not uncommon to see it with one or two legs raised.

Here are some tips for using this Japanese lantern :


💯 If you want to create a zen and relaxed atmosphere, the lamp from Japan will be perfect. You can use it as a lampshade, put it on a piece of furniture or hang it on the ceiling light if you have one.

💯 Enjoy soft, subdued light by lighting a candle in the cylinder lantern. You can also use the hook system above the lantern to hang it on the light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

💯 Discover all our decorative lights inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun in our Japanese Lantern collection. And choose from a wide variety of typical and colorful patterns!

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