Japanese Geisha Lantern

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Opt for a zen and pleasant atmosphere with this Japanese geisha lantern

Very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, the paper lamp has existed for several centuries. It was designed in China and then the idea was imported to Japan. But the Chinese fixture does not bend, unlike the Japanese one.

The Japanese lantern consists of a bamboo frame on which paper or silk is stretched. Washi paper is made from mulberry fiber. And bamboo has been replaced by wire.

This Japanese lamp has a cylindrical shape. It represents a geisha. This refers to young Japanese people, who were very familiar with the art and codes of presentation at an early age.

Here are some tips for using this paper lantern :


💯 First of all, we recommend placing a candle in the unfolded structure, then lighting it. Then unfold the paper. You will get a soft and diffused light.

💯 To use this Japanese lantern , there are several options: you can hang it from the ceiling, use it as a lampshade or hang it on a tree to create a zen garden.

💯 If you prefer blue, we recommend the azure geisha lantern . Similar to this one, it will add a touch of color and harmonize your interior or exterior decoration.

💯 Find all of our lamps and lights in the Japanese lantern collection. They are ideal for creating a zen and relaxed atmosphere.

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