Japanese Samurai Print Graphic Design

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Treat yourself to this Japanese samurai print with period graphics

Originally, the Japanese print was a woodcut. The manufacturing steps for this work of art was drawing, followed by engraving and then printing on wood.

Inspired by the image of the floating world (ukiyo-e), her performances later turned to geishas, samurai , sumo wrestlers, kabuki theater actors. Not to mention the Japanese calendars and the landscapes of the archipelago.

This print replica symbolizes a samurai wearing a period kimono. Like art, the traditional kimono met a number of codes and rules. The art of printmaking was made to represent these urban lifestyles.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The print is made on a cotton canvas called canvas canvas
  • Ukiyo-e decoration is transported in a cardboard tube for reliable and protected delivery

Here are some suggestions for a successful Japanese decoration :


💯 We advise you to measure the space dedicated to this Japanese canvas before ordering it.

💯 The canvas does not come with a frame but if you want to add a touch of traditionalism, we recommend adding one.

💯 The wall decoration is easier to handle than an original print because it is much lighter. You can easily change location if you want to.

💯 The canvas fabric respects the depth of the colors, has no reflection and its durability over time is long.

💯 If you want a typical ukiyo-e canvas, opt for this courtesan painting . They were particularly popular at the time.

💯 Find all our inspirations in our Japanese print collection. Women, warriors, wrestlers, actors... Numerous symbols of the archipelago are represented there.

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