Anime Japanese Fox Mask

Anime Japanese Fox Mask

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  • Design with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Hand-painted mask by our craftsman
  • Choosing a quality and durable acrylic paint
  • 9 x 5.9" (23 x 15cm) adult size
  • Smooth Pvc mask and elastane cord so that the Japanese mask can be worn by everyone
  • Wear this Anime Japanese Fox Mask and pass incognito as a real ninja warrior

    Anbu are master ninjas trained in martial arts and weapons handling. The ninja code requires them to wear a porcelain kitsune mask. These symbolize certain Japanese deities, some that are benevolent and others, malevolent.

    Traditionally, samurai wore a demon mask. This accessory was indispensable to them to terrorize the enemy on the battlefield and to conceal their true identity.

    Here is some advice on how to wear this white fox mask...


    💯 Get inspired by these two Japanese legends with this kitsune mask from anbu.

    💯 For a cosplay warrior style, bring black clothes, arm guards, ninja sandals, a black cape and a katana!

    💯 This traditional fox mask can be adjusted thanks to its elasthane thread.


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