Black Geisha Kimono
Black Geisha Kimono
Black Geisha Kimono
Black Geisha Kimono

Black Geisha Kimono

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This modern kimono for women will immerse you in the magical world of the country of the rising sun

The Japanese kimono is an iconic garment of the archipelago. The literal translation of kimono actually is "clothing". It is defined by a certain number of codes and to wear it, you have to follow several ordered steps.

Start by putting on tabi socks with split toes which, besides being traditional, are really comfortable. Then, put on the traditional Japanese underwear: susuyoke and nagajuban. You can now put on your kimono making sure that the collar of the nagajuban appears.

To close it, fold the left side of the kimono over the right side (the reverse is reserved for the deceased during funeral ceremonies, just like the white kimono). To make your kimono fit, you just have to tie the koshi imo belt, then the obi belt which will mark your waist and feminize your kimono with a straight cut.

The patterns printed at the bottom of this Japanese clothing piece are of a Japanese crane (bird of good omen) and flowers, very heavily praised in Japan. The hanami, a spring festival, celebrates the contemplation of sakura (cherry blossoms).

For an evening with friends, this traditional and authentic kimono will be ideal for a unique, refined and exotic look. If you want to go to a fancy dress party, you can add accessories to your outfit such as a Japanese umbrella and a small furisode fabric bag. These details will make all the difference and you will look like a real traditional geisha from the Edo period!

how to wear a traditional kimono?

Here is our best fashion advice so that you can wear your authentic women's kimono the right way:

💯 If you want to wear your geisha kimono in an even more authentic spirit, have a look at our this geisha Japan kimono. It will be perfect to pay homage to flowers during hanami

 If you want the full dress code of a geisha, we advise you to wear with you Japanese kimono dress a white tabi socks and geta sandals reminiscent of the color or pattern of your kimono. An obi belt tied in the back will refine your outfit. You can even buy one with the knot already made.

💯 Add a Japanese sensu fan or uchiwa and you're done!

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